The key piece for winter: Sweaters

12:14 AM

We just jumped into December, probably our favorite month because Christmas is all around, ( even though here in Greece it might still be 20 degrees outside), but we have to face the truth that winter is finally here!  One of the most practical and key-pieces for winter is a good sweater! Oversized, colorful or printed, it doesn't really matter, because sweater is a piece of clothing that can be really easy to combine, be worn from day to night as well as protect you from the cold! Did I forget that you can create different styles with just a single piece? Well all the more reason to adore sweaters! So, all we want for winter, is just a cool, cozy and fashionable sweater! Let's dive into sweater weather:
The oversized sweater is one of my favorite types! Cashmere, knit, wool it doesn't really matter to me. The reason why we love this kind so much, is that we can create different styles throughout the day. If you want to combine it with jeans just for a casual outfit, or to create a more rock style with your leather leggings the oversized sweater is here for you! From morning till noon with some extra additives,like jewels, you will look just perfect even in a night out! But do not forget: If you wear an oversized sweater pair it with something in a slimmer line in order to achieve the perfect look! 
Statement sweaters are a very special category. After the big movement of Kenzo sweaters with the big eyes and the tigers, the statements sweaters came to stay! This particular type even though it's not as easily combined or worn it is just great for an instant and extravagant streetstyle look. The statement sweaters can have cute, workplace-appropriate prints, or a nice embelishment which instantly updates it into the key piece of your "proffesional" wardrobe! Easy to be combined, especially with jeans and culottes, with oxfords or heels, statement sweaters can be a, somehow, "safe" option in case you want to stand out of the crowd!

What's your favourite type of sweater?

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