The ultimate coat guide for winter

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One of the reason why I love winter is the theme of this post! When it comes to coats, addiction is a word that you can use in my situation. Coat is probably the MUST-HAVE of the winter but be careful, the key point is to see this piece of clothing not only as something that protect us from the cold weather but as something that magically can transform our "maybe boring", daily outfits into something so stylish that you could never imagine. I have analyzed all the kind of coats that we can pick and choose throw out winter (Winter Trend: Coats) but I put myself into the category of the androgyne, maxi coat fan! So, this is a post with some tips of how to style your perfect maxi coat (HTS: Maxi Coat). So, let's dive into the magical world of coats...

This year we have a new entry as it goes with the colors! White and pastels. It is something that you are going to love or hate. White fluffy coats with fur details, take us back to our winter vacations in Aspen, but don't let your imagination to go to far. We all know how difficult is to maintain a white coat, such as white as we first purchase it, especially when we use it on a daily basis! On the other hand, pastel colors jumped into coats this season! If you are a pastel-fan brands have every color you can imagine. So, this is an opportunity to create perfect looks based on color blocking. If you are just one of the people how just want some color on their daily outfits, pastel coats are here for you too!

Let's stay at this color palette and talk about something more classic and always in fashion! Camel and beige coats. The reason why we love those kind of colors, is that we can combine them with almost everything. The contrast that they create with total monochrome outfits, is perfect, and it is very easy to be worn from day to night. Another reason is that we can purchase a camel coat from a big fashion brand because it is never out of fashion. Let's say that is something like an investment! 

Let's go back to the old glamour of Hollywood, maybe at the forties or the fifties. Can you make the picture? Now think about trapeze cuts, chic cocktail coats with big sleeves, supple duster coats, clasped with down belts! The color is up to you and how drama queen you want to be this winter...

Let's stay to this classic vibes but let's come back to 2015! Fur coat is a type of coat for "special" outfits like dinners and parties! We wear them especially at night and the reason why we adore them, is that we can combine them with different fabrics and the result to be perfect. (For example with: velvet, leather, suede etc etc!). Fur coats are also, glamorous and sexy at the same time and it is also a good investment! If you want, prefer a classic black or blue fur because it is never out of fashion. Otherwise, this year, dare to wear red, green and bright blue furs, cropped or midi it doesn't matter! 

And for the finale we have to talk about the all-time-classic coats! Blue-Black-Grey colors are always going to be in fashion and always will have a spot on our wardrobe because we are totally in love with the outfits that we create and we can support them 100% because we feel comfortable and sexy! Monochrome is absolutely the best solution for outfits especially for work till cocktail time and in case you don't want to think too much for combinations black comes to solve your problems! 

As a result of what you read, this year fashion designers stayed at their androgyne mood. Oversized coats with amazing details but with quick flashback to the 70's and the 40's are the general picture that we have for this winter! Do not forget to wear your previous year oversized coat because it is on this season! Remember a good coat that you are going to wear 24/7 is a good investment! So, before you purchase one make a good research! 

*All the photos of collages are from clothes! In case you want informations for one of those coats tell us bellow or contact us to our social media*

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