The perfect top knot by Jessica Hart

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I wanted for a long time to write about one of my favorite hairstyles and finally the time has come. According to me, the top knot can be the most quick but the same time the most chic hairstyle that everyone can have in a few minutes and the most important to look like you have been working on it for hours, especially when you are not an hair expert and you cannot succeed many hairstyles on you (like me)! We have seen this hair trend at the most of the catwalks, for years every time with some changes, but what we really want on our daily basis is something easy, comfortable and something suitable for our day to night looks. So, today we will learn from the ambassador of this look, Jessica Hart. As many of you know, Jessica Hart is one of the model that appreciates the natural and the effortless look and that is something that we love on her! The topknot hairstyle is one of her signature look! As we see Jessica's street style photos and red carpet appearances we think that all those years she created a new trend at this beauty category. At her interviews she is talking about how convenient and quick the top knot can be. Also, she comments, that it is a trick when your hair are not fresh, to make them look like you just had a shower. We made a research on the internet but we couldn't find a video or something like a full article by Jess explaining how to style and succeed our favorite hairstyle. Her only tricks are a few easy steps! So, continue reading...

STEP 1: Flip your head over and shake them! This is probably the key point of the successful top knot.

STEP 2: Create a ponytail. The most important think is the height of this ponytail.

STEP 3: Twisted all up into a knot and put an elastic on.

STEP 4: Make your look seems a little bit messy for more natural look.

And voilà your top knot is ready! If you want to style it with scarfs or turbans especially in the summer is a nice idea but don't prefer this technique on winter because you will miss the simplicity that winter outfits demand!! For us to keep our messy/natural top knots perfect without wondering or trying to fix them during the day, here are some of our "magical" products that help us create the perfect hair look. 

Thanks for reading. What do you think?

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