Trend Analysis: The denim skirt

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Searching the online shops, fashion magazines and editorials, denim skirts are here to stay. 70's are dynamical here and this kind of skirt is a big chapter on the 70's trends. Wearing one of those it remind us Twiggy or Jane Birkin at the street style photos that we have from this period. Denim skirts, especially the high-waisted ones, can be really easy to combine them with clothes that you have already have in your wardrobe and this part is something that we really like.We love when a trend and be adopted to our wardrobe style! So, if you want to wear something comfortable, in daily basis from morning till noon, denim skirts are here for you! 

Denim skirts in the morning

Every girl/woman starts her morning always with the same question. What should I wear on my job or at the meeting or why not to start her day. If you don't want to wear the same comfy jeans with a simple shirt or the same again "uniform" but you want to be classy and modern the same time denim skirts are an easy solution. Prefer the blue black and the classic dark denim color and combine it with a shirt or a simple white top without prints or stamps. Put a belt on and grab your bag and you are ready to leave. 

Denim skirts on weekends

At weekends we are free to wear whatever we want. So, prefer a light blue skirt with some patches on and combined it with your crop tops, sweater or why not try a total denim outfit. In depend where are you going wear your high heels, sneakers or just your loafers. Wear your vintage style sunglasses, take your denim jacket and explore your city always in style.

The mini denim skirt

Probably the mini denim skirt is something that you were wearing when at teen years. So, it is time to feel teen again and bring back your old skirt you still have from high school. You might not be able to wear this skirt that you have from school but all the memories you have of this skirt worth keeping it! So, because is mini and summer is coming wear it in the hot days of summer with your all star or your loafers. Shirts in blue colors are ideal or white shirts and the the island vibes in the centre of your city.

To make your denim skirt outfit look even cooler try to add some accessories on your outfit. If you are not a big fan of jewels, try some colorful silk scarfs, put some extra suede details such as a suede jackets (is the perfect contrast), bags than remind us beach or a local Colombian store. So, keep your main outfit simple and add some secondary colors.

So, we made a research and we find out, our ideal denim skirts for you and our wardrobe of course! 

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