How to style: Stripes

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Hοrizontal or vertical, thin or thick stripes are our must-have for summer. They remind us looks of the 70's and the old glamour Cote d'Azur or the outfits of Audrey at her movies when she was wearing her blue striped sweater. Stripes to me have something to do with classiness. Easy to be combined and worn, strips are here to save us from our daily base questions especially the hot days of summer. So, let's start with our suggestions...

The skirt

Airy, maxi, mindi or short striped skirts are probably the most safe option for your grande or your daily outfits. You can combine with the denim skirts, crop tops or jackets for your work. Be careful if you have some extra pounds in the area of waist you have to prefer vertical strips and not horizontal. 

The dress

Mini skirts with sneakers is probably the most comfortable and stylish outfit you can have for our weekend walks or style it with some extravaganza jewels and your high heels and you are ready to go out for your drinks. Dare to keep it simple and combine it with the most red lipstick that you have! 

Total striped outfits

The total summer outfit. Sunny days ban strips and walks by the sea or the parks. Airy and simple the total striped outfits are here to save us. Always combined with your sneakers, sandals or your espadrilles. On the other hand, when you want to go somewhere more formal strips are here for you again. A perfect clutch and a pair of high heels are perfect for you!

The shorts

You are in an island or generally on vacations and you are of course bored to dress. Yep, join our team. Salty hair, chocolate skin and our favorite pair of jeans. But this time let us make in a little more interesting. Guess what, striped shorts with a simple white top is the perfect combination. Enjoy your evening walk...

The shirt

If you don't want to wear striped short, try the classic denim shorts but this time copy the look of Brigitte Bardot when she was on vacation in Monaco or Nice and wear your light striped sweater or you long sleeve shirt! Your evening walks or bunch break will have a different and more french attitude. 

Thanks for reading.

Photos by Who What Where, Tuula Vintage, Pretty Designs, google images.

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