My Unbreakable Rules of Summer Beauty

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Hello lovely readers! Exam time is over and as we feel summer approaching a little bit more every single day we couldn't be happier. Along with our mood and our wardrobes our makeup routines are switching up as well. Personally I switch the process of doing my makeup each season and especially during the summer I go as light as I can.
So today I decided to present you some of the (untold -until now-) "rules" I follow, probably, for the past 3 years in my usual summer makeup routine.

First of all, I NEVER wear FOUNDATION during summertime. Fistly because I don't like carrying around 10 different bottles, with differend shades, with me and  secondly because I simply cannot be bothered enough. It's summer. I want my face to be light and airy. Also a tan usually covers enough the imperfections. Though if you cannot go out without a base in your makeup routine, I would suggest a CC cream because it's light and moisturizing minus the cakey feeling (plus the SPF that most of them have).

When it comes to LIPS, things get a bit more fun. Summer is the only season I like wearing lipgloss for some reason (weird right?), and even if I choose to wear a lipstick it's usually quite bright and with cold undertones  (also I never mix lipstick with lipgloss, it's a pet peeve of mine, what can I say?). And that's another secret; I always choose blue undertones because, even if I don't get a sunburn, every tan has a bit of a "burnt" red undertone so when tanned the skin is quite red-ish so I find a bit overwhelming adding more warm tones to it.

Before I move on to the eyes I'd like to add a few more things to my "base routine"; Two things basically: NO BLUSH ('cause again, warm undertones) and tons of BRONZER with a bit of shimmer in it in order to accentuate the tan. You can find a post with our favourite bronzers here. If, however, you don't get as tanned as me and you want to achieve the sun-kissed look I suggest you try a rosy toned blush, preferably a creamy one.


Finally, when it comes to EYES a mascara and a brow gel are must-haves all year long. What you can try additionally during the summertime is experimenting with either bronze eyeshadows or just "fun" colorfull ones. Another thing you could do is adding a bit of blue or just generally (and again) colorful eyeliner or even attempting to do the double eyeliner trick with the black on the top lashline and the colour-infused one on top of that.


Don't forget to comment below your favourite products in your summer makeup routine!
Thanks for reading! xx

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