Christmas Edition: Nails (#Blogmas1)

10:38 PM

Well, well December is here and we have already started the countdown for Christmas. But it's not just the countdown; I'm sure eyou too have thoughts about what are you going to wear, the places you want to visit or even if the shoes you chose to wear to this particular place make your outfit a bit "too christmas-y" (and we mean this in the worst way possible). Don't worry 'cause as always we're here to answer all your questions starting with -probably- the most fun one which is of course what are th "in" colours to wear this season. 

(Click on the names of the polishes to find all the direct links to all the available stores.You're welcome.)

Let's face it: this month and this one celebration is all about sparkle, so you shouldn't let your nails out of it. Silver, gold, teal, the choice is yours; nail polishes are here to help us add intruiging details to our outfits. But be careful: Always think what are you going to wear in order to combine (not match!) your nail color with the rest of the outfit!  

Ciaté- Party ShoesMarc Jacobs-Blue Velvet, Chanel-Steel and Strong, Dior- Vibrato, Essie-Cashmere Bathrobe and For the twill of it (sh). 

If you don't to want to paint your nails with a metallic color but you want a little bit of festive sparkle, then these nail polishes are here for you. In one nail or all of them, sparkle nail polishes are something that we are obsessed with! 

The old time classic red nail polish! This color is so "Christmas-y" yet classy! We love it because even though it's vibrant it's a safe color and always in fashion. You can pair it with most of your outfits. Certainly one color of our choice for these holidays! 

Blue is one of my favorite colors when it comes to nails. It's not black or the classic bordeaux. It is amazing what you can do with blue nail polishes, especially if you combine them with sparkly ones! And this christmas I will choose again a tone of blue for my christmas manicure! 

This season almost every fashion show chose nude colors for nails. Sometimes, the models had just the classic white top coat on their nails. If you are up with the nude team, this year, is your year. Every tone of nude is acceptable this season. The task is to look like you didn't try hard for your nails to look good. If you are successfull then you're free to enjoy your amazing manicure! 

Apart from those you can choose whatever color you want!  Besides the classic manicure, dare to try some christmas nail decorations such as stars, trees, or geometrical shapes with "christmas-y" colors such as red and white, or red and green! Whatever you decide, remember to pair it (again, not colour match it) with your outfit! We would love the feedback from your festive manicures on our social media acounts!

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