British Fashion Awards 2014

12:48 PM

Probably those awards are my favorite. People of fashion from every country gather together to the centre of fashion and it is not NY but our favorite London to owner designers, models etc important for the fashion industry. Apart from the awards we love this ceremony for the red carpet as always. Enjoy watching and comment bellow your favorite outfit of the night. 

Kendal Jenner chose a white jumpsuit in the middle of winter. All I need to say is well done. I really loved this outfit. She definitely found her style. On the other hand, Rihanna chose to wear just an oversized velvet jacket. Well, you know Rihanna's quote: the less the better. 

I was waiting Emma Watchon with agony. In her last appearances she was just gorgeous but things will not go this well on this one! She chose to wear an amazing Dior blazer combined with a white overfall from Misha Noono. Together made a weird combo that wasn't my favorite. Victoria Beckham wore a black sweater with a black and white skirt with gold details from her collection. I am not sure for this outfit too. 

Bombshell on your screen. Karlie Kloss appeared yesterday with a satin dress a day before the Victoria Secret Show! Well done Karlie! On the other hand, a less bombshell appearance made Ellie Goulding. Our feelings are mixed for the dress, nice makeup!

For the next girl-model I have to say only one thing: You nailed it. Suki Waterhouse chose this amazing ombre see-through dress, of corse by Burberry. Another Burberry girl Cara Delevingne chose a sparkle with some black details dress from Burberry too which I loved! Well done to both of girls!

I will close with the best outfit of the event made by Poppy Delevingne. The model wore a Topshot mini see-through dress. She was just gorgeous. I really loved the makeup and the hair. On the other hand, Alexa Chung made a sexy and classy in her way appearance. She chose a silver button up dress with her blue boxed bag! 

Thanks for reading! 

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