Christmas Edition: Gift Ideas for Him (#Blogmas2)

12:59 AM

We certainly are familiar with the struggle of having to figure out what to get to -basically- everyone for Christmas. You don't have to worry though because we have the whole thing planned out for you. 
This year we came up with a series of posts which will be featuring several different gift ideas for you and your loved ones. Let's start with a few gifts that would be perfect for all the special dudes in your life.

#1.The Traveller one
For the ones who like to travel in a stylish and organized way, anything that has to do with practical luggage items are a must. Try neutral colors, but not boring ones, like dusty grey or plum. 

#2 The one who likes grooming
For all these guys who love taking care of themselves the perfect gift would consist of a set of their favorite grooming products or a nice perfume. Don't underestimate the power  of a nice washbag though; it's nice to pay attention to the details.

#3 The stylish one
For those who love taking care of every last detail of their outfits what we like to call "the fetish items of style" would be a great gift. There's a great collection of beannies, hats, and cool watches out there to choose from in a vast price range. If you're feeling extremely festive you can choose one of the many available christmas-y jumpers.

#4 The tech junkie one
Ok that was the hardest category for me. So many unnecessary and cool things to choose from! Anyway I think that the best and most everyday-use-friendly ones were the two pictured bellow; A smartwatch and a selfie stick for all those guys who love gagdets! 

Luxsure®Bluetooth Smart Watch, Selfiestick

 Now comment bellow "What are the best gifts you received for Christmas?"

Thanks for reading!

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