Chromantics Diaries: Irresistible Winter 2

5:08 PM

Chapter 2

(You can find "Chapter 1" HERE)
Dear Winter, 

Cuteness and The Dream: As I take a look at YSL's or Louis Vuitton's latest collections I feel like I'm taking part in some kind of a dreamy fairytale. The fabrics, the patterns, the prints are so cute that you might think that Tinkerbell is going to wear them. I think that all this came to my mind when I was watching Valentino's latest fashion show; now it's the time that I can be a part of a dreamy world.

Animal Prints and Furs: I'm thinking so much about animal prints this season, I think I should check Julia Roitfeld for the perfect outifit. Designers were so into them this year, so why not me? I honestly fell in love with this Fendi coat, it has such an old time elegance to it!

Glitter and Reflections: Sparkle, glitter everywhere! Though these kind of outfits have such a rock turn to them. This year's designs are the mature way of wearing reflecting materials (and not looking like a 5-year-old who fought with a glitter jar). This year, oversized jackets, small t-shirts, skirts and troussers will give this extra glam that we need!

A little bit of 60's: I quite positive that this retro influnce requires midi skirts, simple and geometrical lines, and honestly I'm thrilled to try something like this out.

-And that's the end of our winter style diaries! We hope you found these few pages with our thought about this fall's trends, useful.

THANKS for reading! COMMENT below your favourite trends of the season! xx

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