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This is not a usual post, we are not going to talk about the winter trends or the steps to create the perfect spring outfit. This post is a personal story about how I spent my summer vacation with my friends. So, this story starts a few months ago, when 7 girls decided that this year, since we finished school, we should go on vacation together. I know, that you can imagine 7 people, for sure is a large group and since we are talking about girls, this is probably more diffucult that it seems. 
The destination wasn't the hard part to decide. We live in Greece, and an island is the perfect place for us to go. After research we decided to go to Skiathos. And this was the beginning of five awesome days. We booked our tickets and our hotel and in 24 of July we were on the bus station and ready to go. After 10 hours we were able to see Skiathos port and this was probably the longest journey I ever had in my life, not because it is far, Skiathos is only 4 hours away from Athens, but the boat had a mechanical problem so we had to wait 7 more hours. Beyond the delay, we said ok, let's have some fun. 
For me, Skiathos is such a beautiful island. I have been there before but I think that I was 10 or so it is not the same. This island combines the night life and the relaxation at the same time. If you don't want to go to the popular beaches as Koukounaries or Banana, you can go to the otherside of the island which is more "quiet". If you want non-stop partying then Banana beach is the right place for you and the for the night there are some pretty great nightclubs, as well. 
So, here, let me present you the photoalbum of my vacations to Skiathos. All photos are taken by me. I hope that you are going to love this island as much I did. I hope next year we are going to be able to go there! 

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xoxo CF

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