Summer Fashion Essentials

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Summer, oh summer, you are finally here. I have been waiting for you fpr sooo long. I am so excited because we are finally done with our exams and our school tasks and now we can focus on our blog and that is simply awesome. 

Anyway, as I said summer is here and of course it is time for us to go out for shopping, to plan our vacations and generally to get in the mood. You may have chosen your destination, but there is always a problem; What should I take with me while I'm on holiday? Seaside or mountain, town or village, exotic and tropic islands we all have to tag along with the same basic pieces. So let's start this mini countdown with my basic favourite clothes for my vacations.

I will put them in one category because I call them shoes. I am talking about sandals-espadrilles-havaiannas. I will start with the last one. Havainnas, addiction is enought to describe my obsession;  I got my first pair by my sister when she travelled to Portugal and then they came to Greece 2-3 years after.  I wear them aaall day and sometimes I combine them with maxi dresses for a night walk. Next sandals, is a must have, my latest obsession are Ancient Greek Sandals. I have mentioned them a lot in my posts so I will continue with espadrilles. TOMS or my the ones straight from wishlist: Chanel Leather Espadrilles, can be combined with everything. 

High waisted, white, denim, colorful, didn't you undestand what I am talking about? Shorts of course are next on my summer essentials. A summer without shorts it is not a summer. They are easy to wear, suitable and you can combine them with almost everything. I like the total denim outfit for a night out for coktails. Wear a denim jacket and your high waisted shorts and rock the island!  

 Take with you something white. I prefer a high waisted (Do it like Dior cruise) white dress (You can find in ispiration in our post Show me your white dress) or a white trousers. Easy to combine, especially when you are tanned, the white dress will be perfect for your late night walk! Try wearing it with your high heels or your platforms! 

 I will continue with something relevant. If you wear a white dress, pants or you just want to create a boho island outfit don't forget pack your eccentric jewels and bags. I prefer the clutches. Jewels can take your outfit to the next level. I love the gold or the colorful ones. Why is summer so awesome??

 So those were my summer essentials! I hope you liked this post. 
Write bellow your favorite must-haves! We hope you all have an amazing summer!-
CF xx 

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