Beach Fashion Essentials

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We live in Greece so it's like 40 degrees outside (and I'm not kinding).Like most of you,  I wish I was to the beach, but I am not, so I thought I'd write a post of what I would take with me to beach. I think it's quite a nice way to continue our Summer Essential series (Fashion, Beauty)  So, when we go to the beach we don't want to carry lot of stuff mostly do to the weather and/or because we're bored. That is why we have to be clever about what we take with us to there.

Let's start with my beach essentials! Firstly, you have to take a big bag with you. When I am going with my friends to the beach and I'm not on vacation I take with me my red Eastpack, but if I'm on an island I use a brown straw bag which I bought from a local boutique (so I don't really remember the brand).  Also, a good advice is to take with you a small wallet or a clutch where you can put your money, phone, keys etc!

Next and important thing is the towel. I love the big, fancy and colorful towels! I am a big fun of the "Sun of a Beach" towels. I think that you should check it out, it is awesome! So, basically this is up to you and your taste...

The shoes. I hate when I wear espadrilles and the sand goes into my shoes so I'd rather wear sandals or my favorite havaiannas. 

Sunglasses are so important all year round but especially during summer. Nowadays the sun is so harmfull that a hat and sunglasses are need (because your SPF is not enough no matter how  high it is). I love my red RayBans, but know I am thinking about buying a pair of Illesteva. As for the hat I prefer the classic panamanian.

Last but not least is my iPod and my camera. I cannot leave without them. Without my iPod I will be bored and without my camera I cannot capture the scenery, my friends and generally my vacations. You don't have to take with you a professional camera, even a disposable one works perfectly!

So, I hope that you liked this post, write bellow you comments and tell us if you want us to make a post about our beach beauty/skin essentials! 
xoxo CF

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