Introducing: Hara H. Photography

6:30 PM

Meet Hara H., and upcoming photographer based in Greece. Despite the young of her age her photos are really mature, capturing with every detail different aspects of the human soul as she sees them through the camera lense.
And even though her name in greek means "Hapiness" what inspires her is the sadness of the human soul as it's usually conceived through art, especially song lyrics. According to her it has more to say as it's one of the most powerful emotions.  From what she told us during our own photoshoot, in her photos she is trying to show a few bits of herself that are otherwise hidden but as I was searching through her work it gave me the impression that at the same time she explores the darker and unexplored places of the minds of the people she is photographing. It really depends on your own perspective and conception.
The reason she got into photography is probably because she considers it a way through which you can take something unimportant and, as labeled by society, "ugly" and turn it into something beautiful through accenting all of its unique details.
As we she it, this is quite familiar to fashion as we see it, a form of art, a way to capture mood and emotions as well as a form of resistance to all the bad things in life.

Dont' forget to visit Hara's FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM. (@hara_ha)

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