Top 5 of my favorite leather bags.

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So, so, so here is the post i wanted to do this week and it's something that i am in love with. As you seen from the title i collect my favorite leather bags in this post. The bags i am warning you will be and old pieces. Dont wait new things. Some of those bags, are classics and the dream of every girl/woman for years.
I think that the leather bag is something like a must-have. Will never come out of fashion and it gives you the air of a different chic and sparkle style. At the part of those bags every woman kept a leather bag in once in her life. Just think of Grace Kelly holding her Kelly Hermes bag.Or the classic Chanel leather bag,especially the black one. Balenciaga and Givenchy are on our list too. So keep up reading to see my favorite and classic leather bags. 

Our countdown will start with Chanel. Of course, i mention this bags many times on the blog, i made also a post for those bags. This bag carries a big history. The hole idea of this bag is just amazing. Leather and chaines create a scenery of classic and rock. I think this bag will be timeless. 

Next one is Givenchy. I AM IN LOVE <3 <3. You can create a perfect outfit with bag. You can wear it in the morning, the evening, whenever and wherever you wait. Is bigger than Chanel and it comes to lot of colors. Of course we prefer the black one. 

At the same style we have the Celine bag. I have to tell that i don't like at all the Baby Celine bag. I prefer the big one because i am thinking if you want to spend those money why you have to buy this little one? Sooo i am with the big one. Again we saw Celine a lot. At streetstyle photography, at editorials of magazines. So, here is and in our countdown. 


Mulberry. I am about to do the next step and i think that i am gonna buy the Mulberry black. But not this model and i think that i will buy it at this awesome deep red color. So here i will show you my other favorite black and leather bag. To be honest will you i prefer it with the brown color...


Last but not least i have my lover Valentino Rockstud i choose the small one. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Just that. 

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