Beauty Haul: Mac Fever.

8:27 PM

This weekend I went shopping and I bought some amazing beauty products. Needless to say that the stores had actually nothing good to be worn. Everything was pale, and with not so good "prints". And I want to take a minute to say something: WE DON'T WANT TO WEAR EXTREMELY SHORT (and a bit of slut-like,if you ask us) LEATHER SHORTS. Thank you for your consideration. So, while I was walking, and I was looking for a present for my friend I decided to go to MAC. I don't really know how much I spent to there to be honest. God bless them! The ideal situation is when you actually go to the store and they tell you that they have a discount. And guess what: That happend to me! Crazy, crazy, crazy.

 So, I will start with the eyes products. 

I bought the Prep+Prime mascara. You basically apply it before your actual mascara and it volumizes your lashes... (I think that the title is pretty self explanatory....) It's actually the second time I buy this! So as you may think yes I highly recommend it!

 I also bought an eyeliner. My L'oreal one was completely dried out so I decided to give the MAC one a try. It's a pen and the line it creates it's really thin. I'm not sure if I love it yet because it doesn't give you a really dramatic effect, at least the one I want for my eyes... 


Next, and my favorite part of course, the lip products. Love, love, love everywhere. I actually love lipsticks more than clothes. (Like that's possible!) So, it was like para-para-paradise.
 I finally bought the Russian Red MAC lipstick which I wanted for sooo long ! I also bought the lip liner that goes with it for a more accurate application and intense effect.

The next lipstick that i bought was (once again) the Rebel one by MAC. My sister bought this lipstick a few years ago and we both are still in love with it. It's as dark as it seems and for rock kind of outfits is just the perfect shade. And especially for this season it definetely is a "must-have" product. Trust me. 

Look Tyra wearing. Beauty vlogger.

The last product I bought was a retro matte lipstick from the new collection. It's called Relentlessly Red. I haven't try it yet. But the color is just awesome..... I will keep you posted as soon as I try it!

Have a nice weekend. Song of the week of course:


Let us know in the comment below: What's your favourite lipstick?

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