Fashion Review

9:51 PM

Everyone knows that the main Fashion Weeks are over. Our feelings are mixed up. On the runways we saw beautiful colors, awesome prints, new and old trends ready to be embraced. The runways from New York to Milan (and every city in between) were just amazing.. Valentino, Marc Jacobs, DVF, Kenzo, Celine, Alexander Wang and many more designers presented to the world their magnificent new lines.

 Firstly,it was rather interesting watching the new Alexander Wang collection for Balenciaga and secondly we really enjoyed the latest Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton fashion show (his last maybe?!) . Both of them, for me, were just amazing. I don't think I can actually compare them because the lines were quite different, though. 

So let's check out some of our favourite bits of the Fashion Weeks.

I will start my review with Celine. Most bloggers, fashion editors, magazines etc  considered it to be an unexpected fashion show. Colors, oversized, beautiful bags (as always) , prints and huge huge sweaters. Excited with Celine (and) this year. LOVED this bag, hopefully it's here to stay this season.

 Next one, the adorable and lovely Isabel Marant. I cant wait for her line at H&M! Pastels, nude, white and black with some tones of deep green and prints completed the scene in her fashion show. Lace and jackets are her thing this year. Generally a collection full of romantic mood.

Lanvin, lanvin and once again Lanvin. I am in love with this collection. Alber Albaz hits again. Inspired from the 70's and 50's, this collection is just devine. Jackets and long skirts, metalic colours, prints and a rock mood completed with a satin feel. Many many  favorite looks here: 

You know, Valentino might be my favorite brand the past those years. The latest collections were awesome. This one came just to prove my point. Tribal, gold, satin, prints, long dresses and leopard completed this fashion show for Valentino. Can I just have them all? 

I think that Alexander Wang must stay forever in Balenciaga. I loved the mix of sporty and classy. Those sport skirts will be a must have just remember my words. You probably will need a lovely figure and long, long legs to wear these clothes. Black and white with some rose and purple with a touch of beautiful prints. 

Next to our list is Dries Van Noten. Crazy again one collection that makes you want to wear every single outfit from it. White, black and gold. Prints and beautiful details made the DVN show amazing. I loved the hair and those red outfits. 

Androgyne style by Saint Laurent. Chic, chic, chic. Just that. 

Dior is a house that always will represent classy, chic and a bit of french culture. So simple lines, prints with silky suits into a scenery full of flowers. Like a tropical forest or garden taken from a fairytale. Romance and elegance...

 Karl just please stay forever at Chanel. I think that what he does is just amazing. Chanel is a house with a big history. He just combines the history with the present in such a beautiful way. Once again he did an excellent job. Trend alert: The backpack graffity and the high shocks with heels. Also this colorful look was amazing (*Coughs* Colourblocking). Leather pants with sweaters and the classic chanel coats.

We will end this post with Louis Vuitton of course. Marc Jacob's last show (probably) after 16 years at the house. Now it's the moment we cry. Beautiful and dark collection from Mark and Louis Vuitton. Furs, lot of black, jeans and crop tops (always in black)....

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