5 Must-Haves of the Season

10:12 PM

Winter is finally here! And that means cozy clothes! We have already updated our wardrobes with all the winter must-haves, and we are here to help you do the same! So let us present you all the trends of the season! 

I will start with my favorite piece of clothing, sweaters Do I have to say more? I love sweaters a lot because they are comfy but they can also be extremely stylish!  This season we saw colorful, printed sweaters always in bright colors that which you can wear at any occasion. A perfect combination is with your favorite pair of jeans and your loaffers. Excellent choice! 

Next, again a favorite one, is fur! Colorful, avant-garde furs in different shapes and prints. I loved the Fendi designs. So, pay a visit in your mums closet to check out for any vintage-looking fur!


Tartan. When you see it, reminds you of Scottland. Yes, this is what we want. This season you can go a bit crazy and actually wear a total tartan look. The colors of the season are red, green and a really cheecky pink. But we always prefer the classic red one. Again a prefect combination with your jeans. 

Buy something with oversized shoulders. I prefer an oversized jacket or a coat. Go for black or white or mix them up and make an excellent and classy color-blocking combination.

Powder Pink Coats. Lovely and romantic, the pink coats bring us back to a different fashion era. Something from Woody Allen with a mixture of Breakfast at Tiffany's. On the runways we saw them combined with leather pants, quite edgy if you ask us but rather interesting.

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