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12:09 AM

It's been a while since my last post so I decided to write a new, exciting post about some beauty products that I bought today. The beauty haul I posted was about Mac Fever lipstick. (Check it here: beauty haul: mac fever). So, as I was out with my sister buying some gifts for our dad I saw a drugstore which had a 50% discount. I couldn't resist (of course!), so I bought some beauty products. (What a shock, I know!)

So let's start with the face products. I repurchased my favourite BB Cream by Maybelline New York. I think it's a good BB Cream. The color really suits me and it doesn't make me look pale, and it doesn't oxidise (aka becoming darker when it comes in contact with air). It's a BB cream so don't expect good coverage. I really wanted to find the Garnier BB cream but since I couldn't find it, I went for this one again! 

The next product that I bought, as you can see, is this Garnier Face Cream. I needed a new hydrating cream for after taking my makeup off because I usually my skin feels really dry. When I opened the box I found out that the formulation is closer to a gel than an actual cream which is something I'm not really fond of but I'll let you know my thoughts about it as soon as I check it out!

I also bought a couple lipsticks. I am in love with those shades. Both of them are from Seventeen. I repurchased the No1 lipstick because I really loved the colour. The other one is Seventeen number 5. A soft pink lipstick.
  You can check out all the Seventeen Matte Lipsticks on the Seventeen website: Seventeen Cosmetics

You can on the comment section any product recommendations you may have or thoughts about the products above!

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Have a nice weekend.

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