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November is here, and we are officially in winter period. Cold, rain, wind make our hair messy, dry and of course we are bored to make them all the time because we know that they gonna fail again. I know that you reminisce summer everything was so free even your hair. But those are the problems of life. Don't worry about that, here we are to tell you 3 hair trends of the fall. Easy, quick, comfortable and always in a romantic mood. You can have them when you go to the office, for shopping, coffee or whenever you want. As for the products that you have to use, are products that you have them in your bathroom cabinet.

The first hair style is Haute Pony.

Transform a simple ponytail into a red carpet hairstyle.
Apply a foam for volume on damp hair and blow dry by channeling hot air dryer with the time to the hair roots t
o boost volume on top of the head. Flatten well the lengths and ends of your hair and grasp it with an elastic band low neck.

 Next one is Chignon with volume.

The updos acquire exuberant image. Dry your hair by lifting root with the help of a brush. Sprinkle near the root A dry shampoo which awards extra volume and hold and create a parting in the frame in front of the head. Cover with two side tuft ears and grasp then remove all the hair into a low ponytail. Finish fastening with tweezers tufts around band.

 Last but not least is the New Wave.

Wavy Dresses show lighter. No need to spend all your hair with special scissors to curl but are only certain tufts are located at key points, such as those surrounding the person, giving the impression of more Upstanding cheekbones. Begin wrapping loosely the front tuft a few inches lower than the root and give additional traffic near the chin.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. 
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