5 Trends You Can Steal from Sex And The City

12:24 AM

Iconic and glamorous, Sex and The City changed completely the way women see the world around them. The bond between Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda is just unique, showing the real meaning of a true friendship. Feeling liberated against all the taboos that came with being a woman, the four girlfriends can give you the opportunity to (day)dream about the glamorous extravagant New York life.

As I was rewatching a few of the episodes I noticed that not all the clothes were so avant-garde as most of the viewers think of them to be. What makes the difference is the way those women carry themselves around the big city, fearless, living life to its fullest.

Though we do have some iconic trends which you can steal and make your life a bit more glamorous. Throw on a bit of your favourite perfume, pour yourself a glass of wine and let us guide you through some of the most fashionable moments of SATC.

1. It's ok to treat yourself with a pair of expensive shoes or a designer bag once in a while.
Strappy Manolo Blahnik Sandals are always a must.

(Personally one of my favourite scenes) ...Cause it's not a bag...it's a Birkin.

2.Never forget to stand out by wearing an extravagant piece of jewellery.

3.When it comes to coats go Big (ha see what I did there?) or go home.

Carrie always walks around (day or night) wearing her magnigicent fur coat. Invest in a good piece of outwear (even if it's not fur). The word is classic!

4. A simple scarf can update your image
Iconic; Carrie's scarf worn in her upper arm. 

It's not always about covering your neck.

Last but not least....

5. DO invest in some unique pieces of clothing

Again, a personal favourite. Carrie in Christian Dior newspaper-like dress with photos of John Galliano on it. And Louboutins. 

In D&G before the D&G fashion show.

All preppy-like, ready to meet her future mother-in-law!

Carrie wearing Versace Haute Couture in Paris. Every Girls Dream or what?

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