Top 5 of the week

9:00 PM

Hello, hello! After a long time i decided to drop you a line. The September is here for well so out time is limited and our post as well. So i will tell you about the top 5 of the week. Style, fashion, music will be on your screen again. So keep reading.
Today, this picture came to my timeline this morning. I think that you understand that i am crazy about Justin Timberlake and i am not alone on this planet. Something that i am not happy about it. No words for this picture...

I will continue posting and writing after that. Now its something that i loved about an hour ago. It's a clutch/bag by Alexander McQueen from the new season autum-winter 2014. Again love,love,love. I dont not the price yet but its a masterpiece. 

Lets continue with London Fashion Week. YES! In two days will be done, something that we are sorry about it but, we have again the most beautiful and colorful street style. Again, the british street fulled with fashionable and stylish people and many many bloggers and photographers. 

I will continue with London fashion week and i will speak about Mary Katrantzou. This awesome greek desigher. I just lover her runway, the clothes, the colors, the shapes everything was perfect. Again thumps up to Mary. 

Finally the last of this week is a picture that i took the chromantics team. I loved this picture so i shared with you on facebook and instagram and now it's time for the blog. I lovemy new phone. Samsung Galaxy III. So, here we are... 

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