Wear This Today

7:55 PM

Yesterday, with my best friend Valia, we decided to make a editorial about a cozy, morning and comfortable look. So, i took my camera, she put her clothes and here we are. We wanted to create a look that you can wear it for the morning till the noon, of couse if you put the correct jewels and all this stuff. I loved it because we tried to keep the summer look and the mood by wearing as a top this homemade tunic. 
But because is September, and we have to combine our winter outfits with our summer, Valia wore a blue black jean, with a black top inside of the tunic. At the she part, we prefered wedges at the color of nude. You can also wear your all star or you favorite colorful TOMS.  As for the hair, we wanted them to be as simple as the could. So, we let them down and because Valia has straight hair, it was perfect. If you want you can curly them, but i think staight hair are perfect for this look. Again, at the makeup part we wanted it to be very natural, so you kept the hole face in balance but we noticed her lips with a perfect nude color. I hope that you liked this outfit. Thanks Valia for the photoshoot. 

The tunic was homemade by Valias grandmam. Also the black top was from Zara. As for the tunic I think that you can find a same on H&M or Zara.
The jeans was Lee. Again we preferd a blue black find more on Lee Jeans

Photos taken by mee. Nikon D3100 is the camera! For more details comment bellow, write your opinion, and tell us your favorite part of this outfit! Thanks for reading. 

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