Winter is coming... (part 2)

11:14 PM

So, lets continue with our second part of the must-haves and what to wear this fall/winter

2014. When the army of models on the runway of the Dolce&Gabanna came out we never expected that the red will became so powerfull this winter. Not only D&G, Valentino, Dior and many other used the red color on almost everything. Shoes, coats, dresses, bags. RED, RED, RED. We love the red color, always classy. It's always going to be in fashion. Again designers supported the total look. 

Baroque inspiration. Again Dolce&Gabbana made their miracle. This ethnic-barok inspired many other brands that they put baroque details on their colletions. The earings, the bags and generally the jewels make a perfect scene. If you see the hole campaign of D&G you will understand!

The Fur. Many brands and designers chose the fur to be the main detail of their collections. Coats, bags, shoes with little details. We saw amazing things made of fur, especially the coats, don't forget that a coat is a must have for this season. Dior, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Lavin, Tom Ford used fur on everything...

Velvet. Is again on fashion.It reminds us a period of old England, or the Downton Abbey. Our favorite and soft matterial is again on. Deep red, green, blue and black are the colors that we prefer. Ralph Laurent, Cavalli, Valentino had these amazing red velvet. I liked much the pant of Ralph Laurent i think that it was really special.

The first who used the zippers was Elsa Schiaparelli. And the reason? Tor= decorate her dresses. Now everyone uses zippers on coats, bags, skirts.

Croc. We saw the models of Burberry, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Venetta to keep bags in different colors and shapes but always in croc. Is the new trend, that did once again a come back. I remember that my mum had some croc bags and i hope that they are still on the closet. Tip: Never throw up old stuff! You cannot only have croc in your bags. Wear croc on skirts, shoes and dresses. 

Punk. Is the absolut trend. We knew that something was going to happen with the punk style. The main subject of the MET Gala this year was punk. Could the designers keep it out of their collections? I don't think so! We saw Fendi with these awesome bird bags and the colorful hats. We saw at Vercase the neckless with the metallic elements. Also, Chanel put white gloves with metallic elements, Gucci also. The whole vibe, the colors, the make up presented the mad trend that  is for sure the PUNK! 

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