Kate Moss

7:19 PM

Kate Moss. The legend of the fashion industry. Uncountable photo shoots for magazines, brands, catwalks and casts. Uncountable time of auditions, uncountable time on aeroplanes. Kate Moss became one of the most expensive and known models. In the age of 40 Kate is still on covers of magazines. People still love her and they want to see her. She did legendary and historical covers. My favorite one is the one she did for W or the one for Vanity Fair. She is the master in fashion and noone can disagree with it. Her street style or generally her style is something that every woman wants it but little can succeed it. Of course you will agree with me, that once in your life, you saw Kate Moss and you jealous something on her. Yes, again the times are uncountable. And which girl doesn't want this wedding dress at her wedding. I know that EVERY girl wants it. She is one the fashion icons and the models and she can still give things to the fashion industry and she will. People love her and they will continue to love her because she is Kate Moss. 

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