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Forca Italia and this is our moto for the next couple of days because Milan Fashion Week is here and we are so excited for two reasons. Number 1 because we are in the middle of the fashion coverage (Yeah) and Number 2 because we are in love with Milan. So stay tuned because and for this week we will have daily posts about every 

When we have Gucci, we have the official opening of Milan Fashion Week and trust me, this is a relief for us because we are in love with this city but we are also in the middle of fashion week coverage and this excite us more. But let's dive into the weird/magical for some show of Alessandro Michele for Gucci. This season Alessandro decided to transform the place of the show into a sickly all-pink colored scheme, from the carpet to the candy floss-colored velveteen banquettes, to the walls. The weirdest thing was that the lights never come up and that upset lot of people that were there because they weren't able to see all the details of the clothes. 

Describing the collection prints, metallics, silk and sequins were the main materials that we saw on the show. Oversized ruffled dresses, colorful capes, extravaganza hats that remind us another period of time were perfectly combined with the space. We all know what Alessandro Michele has another point of view and we saw that clearly from this collection. Total denim suits, huge blows on shirts, transparency effects in almost all the clothes and floral printed matched suits remind us a little bit of the 70's silhouettes. No matter of what you think of this collection, we think that every piece of clothing that we saw will be sold out soon...

Alberta Feretti is a designer and a brand with a certain way and idea of creating every single collection. For this spring, this house, decided to play a little bit more edgy with their creations but in a certain way. The opening outfit of Bella Hadid, wearing this gorgeous long tiered ruffle skirt in an amethyst-color silk combined with a tooled-leather corset gave us the idea that this show is going to be extremely amazing and it was not only because of the creations but for the tailoring as well.

Layered underneath a ruffly chiffon frock were flared trousers and silk peasant blouse were crisp shorts, we can describe it as a basic but balanced and simple. In contrast, the multicolored floral thread on different dresses, gave another tone to the show. The kinda-athletic-mode, couldn't be missed from the runway and the ankle-grazing skirts combined with cropped tanks were exactly what we want for our athleisure outfits.

This season, Peter Dundas, had only one image on this mind and that was probably the 70's! We know that Peter is not a huge fan of minimalism and for this spring that statement became a reality. Patch worked references, long drifty dresses, flares and platforms are totally "in-fashion", for this spring/summer, Cavalli girl.

The places that the designer was inspired were for sure the places that he is from! For example, those amazing Navajo jackets were inspired by the United States, the place were his mother came from or those platform boots that come from Scandinavia, another place where Dundas come from. The only thing, that we all agree is that Peter knows for sure how to make a woman looks not only sexier but toweringly slim also, due to his beautiful, colored, multi-everything dresses. But how can we speak about the 70's without talking about fringed blankets, shawls, leather jackets and drifty dresses. Well, those were the main pieces of this collections and that is the reason why this collection was so 70's!

If we want to describe Fay's latest collection we can use what the designers of the brand told "Original, nonconformist, free". That moto is what this collection is all about. The direction of the designers is to make both mothers and daughters, to getting away go what is known as "cool" and "classic".

The collection vibes seemed to be inspired by safari and the girls on the runway to be a modern version of commandos. Safari jackets, which were shown in shades of green and black and were accented with grommeted hems or patches. The jackets were paired with flouncy skirts. Silky little dresses under army coats gave us the image of the familiar to us "festival girl style". Some pieces stayed classic on their collection such as the old time classic trench coat, a leafy green suede coat-dress, a selection of oversized jackets which make us think that the gap between mothers and daughters is now more close that ever.

In every show as you may know the designer gives some hints about what the audience is about to see and that helps the reviewers to their job more properly. This season Franceso Scognamilio was inspired by his childhood memories go the circus but also from an oversized and deconstructed wardrobe that belonged to an aristocrat's father. Those hints were a little bit difficult to be understood but when the catwalk began, all made a sense.

Masculine, oversized volumes, few asymmetric poplin shirts and sexy micro shorts in chantilly lace were some of the main characteristics of the show. Flimsy lingerie and couture touches of jacquard brocade in gold, fuchsia and seawater green which graced big bombers with fringed piping worn with lacy shorts made the collection, a total winner!

Dell'Acqua, the designer of No 21, told to the reporters on the backstage a quote for the show; "It's a new attitude". What he attempted to do for this spring is to full the gap on a woman's life when she understands that she will never be all things to all people and her wardrobe. Surveying net hems on macramé dresses and bow-topped pumps highlighted with fluorescent tape, sequined tube skirts, tulle-lined anoraks and feather-trimmed cuba-tops are the clothing for a woman who's ready for everything and nothing at the same time. The tiered silk, the sequined skirts, and the pocketed bombers completed the collection.

The invitation card read "Alice in Ghettoland" and as problematic the name of the show was, Phillip Plein managed to create a show based on the known story of Alice in Wonderland and make in successful by adding some new more edgy elements. This year, he had on his side, the known singer Fergie and her glamorous squad. The models who followed wore faded-wash denim tricked out with piles of gold chains, shrunked nylon track jackets and pants, metallic croc suits and watching high-tops and slinky chain mail. With this show Phillip Plein closed a big chapter of his career in Milan. This was his latest show before moving to NYC!

But let's move forward to the best part of every fashion week; Front row guests, after parties and of course our favorite street style!

Alberta Ferretti Front Row 

Gucci Front Row

Roberto Cavalli Front Row

Milan Breakfast before the beginning of MFW

Streetstyle Photography

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Written by Nefeli Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor


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