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The fact that NYFW is over can mean a number of things. The one that matters the most right now, though, is that London Fashion Week has begun! The past has proven that the Brits know their fashion and that they have a unique way of creating trends and becoming trendsetters. Since the new season awaits, we're excited to see what LFW has to offer. In case you missed the few first days of LFW click the link:
Last day of the London Fashion Week (yes we also don't know again how this is the end of city number 2 of Fashion Week) started with the presentation of the Spring '17 collection of designer Isa Arfen. As a first impression looking at the collection of the designer we see pieces that are easy to combine. Nothing to extravagant that is not designed for dailywear, which we found a good approach to the audience. What helped with that is the different variety of fabrics such as organza and linen together with jacquard.
For the inspiration of the collection, Isa Arfen looked at the body painting and decoration of the Omo Valley tribes in Ethiopia, something that oozed out femininity. As ones to love details we couldn't avoid and point the little details like the feathered trim on the sleeve of a khaki-and-white shirt. The collection had the street-style quality we are all looking for and it will be for sure spotted on the streets soon.
Next show? Toga. The designer wants women to walk upon water for the Spring 2017 collection and it was achieved with little puddles of water both on the actual building of the runway and as patches on the oversized silicone embellishments on masculine shirting. They didn't go alone though. They were paired with wet-looking, embossed cotton trousers with so much of a high-shine that they almost reflected the front row.
The exaggerated sleeves that we have seen in previous designers was in this collection as well but it wasn't the only element. Blue gingham checks appeared down the runway, taking its way into the often-complicated collection. Next year it's the brands 20th anniversary which is a remarkable achievement for a designer who chooses to exist—and indeed thrives—on the outer fringes of London fashion.
The designing duo that is behind the brand Marques Almeida -Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida- they remained true to themselves and their growing clientele, created a chaos on the runway that worked. We are only happy they decided to do that.
You might ask why chaos? To that we respond: they took the attitude of individual girls on Instagram and mixed with references from the Baroque era, the skater culture and also vintage lingerie. That was found on their creative mood board and that was delivered on the runway. An explosion of colours, textures, fabrics, prints. The sleeves were also big here like we are used to see for this upcoming season and worth to pay attention to the shoes that had a great range from sandals to over-the-knee boots all made from great material like denim for the boots and green python for the sandals. Did anyone mention chaos? Well, we will definitely sign up to be this Instagram girl they imagined!
Last show for this recap and for the London Fashion Week is Emilio de la Morena. What the designer knows best to do is a colour palette and it's one of the strongest points of the collection. Big sleeves where also apparent on the collection (yes apparently they came to stay for next season) and the tailoring techniques of the designer.
We can't exactly say that we liked the shirred chiffon trim with which de la Morena embellished many garments was a symptom of a problem with his collection. But all the other elements, the shapes, the colours and the materials, makes it a fair enough collection.

Since it's the last day of London Fashion Week, we thought to give you an extra boost of street style inspiration! Any possible combination you can think of, straight from the streets of London for one last time! Enjoy:

That's it from LFW, and we are off to Milan Fashion Week (aka MFW). Let us know if you enjoyed in the comments below, see you in Milan baby! Find us on our social media:

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!

Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor

Sources: Vogue.com, wwd.com, vogue.co.uk

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