PFW Highlights: DAY 4

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Paris Fashion Week is here and we are so excited! And of course we are here to inform you about all the latest news as well as all the highlights from the runways, the front-row and the after parties! Stay tuned for daily updates! Check the previous days (DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3)


Day 4 started with Loewe's fashion show. Maxi airy dresses combined with high waisted trousers, metallic maxi or geometrical printed mini skirts, loose wool cardigans, oversized coats and leather jackets combined with those amazing huge sunglasses and the colorful leather bags. But let's move on to the dark side; Maiyet collection played along the black,blue and white palette. Maxi dresses, total leather or silk outfits, jumpsuits, deep V jackets, oversized tops combined with crop trousers and geometrical prints were the main pieces of the collection.

At Talbot's Runhof show we saw maxi dresses with metallic or see-through details, oversized shirts combined with high waisted pants, wool sweaters and maxi coats, flowery prints at skirts and lace tops. At Chalayan's collection we saw mixed prints at simple lines dresses and skirts, cropped jackets, furs, leather overalls, oversized capes, tuxedos and mini skirts.

Dancers or models, we are not sure yet. Issey Miyake decided this season to create pieces full of prints, colors and of course with volume. Oversized coats, bomber jackets, high waisted trousers or pants and in the end all this mixed to create a beautiful result. Skirts, tights, coats, shirts printed and coloured accordingly to complement each outfit. Chalayan's collection for this season was quite the opposite; with monochrome outfits and a mix of loose and fitted lines; his show was easy to be loved not only because of the futuristic minimalism but due to his attention to the detail -from the pleats to the few prints, or even the absence of them-. We absolutely loved the fury details as well as the pops of pastel colours chosen for the models' eye makeup.


Raf Simmon's collection for Christian Dior was certainly an interesting one to watch, mostly because he took a turn towards the classy version of the commercialized sexy that seems to be all over the place these days. His few prints on the few almost '60's lined dresses as well as the loose-lined tweed suits complemented either by ankle or thigh-high vinyl boots were balancing between the sexual and the good-girl-goes-bad preppy innocence, accented by the complementary pointed colars. Wang sticked to the old classics at Balenciaga with his -almost couture looking- outfits. He may have kept the classic style of the house intact, yet, he enhanced it with his natural urban twist on the fitted lines and the voluminous outwear. We loved the controversy between the shoes, the fancy looking attires and jewellery.


Andrew Gn's and Julien Davis' shows were based on the embossed details. On the first runway we saw a lot of dark coloured knits, neat, thread based fringed hems and a few transparencies. For us the key point of the collection was certainly the leather boots with the sheepskin fur finish. If you're a beaty addict -like me- you'll love the look Davis chose for this collection; Dark lips and prominent, warm toned bone structure which complemented perfectly the military-looking masculinity of his outfits. This show was all about camouflage based layering and itriguing details -including the colours of choice.


Jun Takahashi's collection for Undercover was simply brilliant (and probably one of my personal favourite ones from Paris Fashion Week). Firstly, referring to the collection itself, this show had it all, from the almost normcore loose -kind of androgynous- lines, to the feminine details and the intriguing prints, mixing up beautiful colours and materials using plaiting and pleats among other things. The most powerful thing of all though was certainly the plastic masks worn by the models which sent a message -loud and clear- about the stereotypes and standards of beauty and plastic surgery nowadays. Yohji Yamamoto's collection was another interesting one to watch with his loose minimal lines creating the perfect contemporary/urban style that we could easily see streetstylers wearing all over the world. Something worth mentioning is that this conception of the "fresh girl image'' was actually inspired by the abstract perception of  woman clothing in ancient Greece, whrere a simple piece of cloth was sufficient to create a somehow complete, yet, incomplete look.


Isabel Marant is probably one of the masters of creating and spreading trends (wedge sneakers anyone?) which was once again proved by her latest TOTALLY wearable collection. Little details like buttons and belts were everywhere, prints were mixed and the pants were perfectly fitted. We could deffinetely see Marant's collection keeping up the high waist jean trend -which seems to be everywhere this spring- during the next season, along with the appropriate tucked in knits and the winter marinieres we grew to love. Just by looking at the latest Maison Margiela collection you can just tell that there's John Galliano's name written all over it.  Despite the odd choices beautywise the show had something really artistic about it. I can't really tell if it was the models' posture, the interesting layering, the subtle prints, the fur & silk details all -maybe- all of the above, but this runway is dfinetely a must watch. And maybe then you'll get what we mean.


On to the streetstyle now, which is probably our favourite part of Paris Fashion Week:


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