3:46 PM

Does your daily mood affect the way you dress? Definetely; But what differentiates a romantic setting from any other occasion where we feel the need to dress up for the part? The answer could vary from one person to another:  the necessity to feel good in our own skin, or even for the sake of someone else's eyes and the pressure of dressing up for the occasion, are only a few of the reasons. But what could be defined as a romantic outfit though? I think that right now is the time when we should define that sexy and romantic are two completely different things,  something that doesn't mean that they can't coexist as well. Going back to our last question, I believe that similar things come to our minds: lace, settle colours that create a balance with the setting, cute prints; Simply everything that enhances in a subtle way beauty without the over the top or the promiscuous details. Lastly, we'd like to say that, despite all the things we mentioned above, if going overboard is part of who you are, go for it; keep in mind that style is personal and that you have to be comfortable in your own shoes in order to feel and act confident.

Both dresses are from Dent'elle
All jewellery was provided by Dare

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