Greek Jewellery Designers: Minimalists Edition

12:23 AM

The past few months we've attended many events were we had the chance to meet many aspiring, upcoming jewellery designers who talked us through their work. We thought that it would be a nice idea to share with you a few of our favourite ones, who we believe have a unique yet minimal style, and quite a different inspiration behind their designs.

A brand created on 2013 in order to transform any situation into a form of positive energy through creation. The designs are based on the idea that art and creativity can give a more meaningful and a rather brighter vibe in our lives. Inspired by architecture, art, fashion, nature or simply anything geometric, the AUMORFIA pieces are known for their strict lines and the use of leather as the basic element. What to expect in the future? The use of more natural elements like wood or metal, as well as a few more designs on the premium "A_Series". Find out more about Aumorfia HERE

 Alkisti Papageorgiou is a new designer, who got the idea of starting her own jewellery line due to her advanced crafting skills, her love for design, her need to express her ideas and maybe boredom that comes with living and studying in a Greek island for a few years. The inspiration behind it all is a mixture of her admiration towards arcitecture, Art Deco, Bauhaus and the austerity behind Scandinavian designing, as well as the raw natural beauty of the islands of Cyclades. Each unique, handmade piece could fall in the category of primitive, geometric and minimal chic, which is something we should be expecting from her furture collections combined with other fine details and elements. Find out more HERE

Katerina's plans didn't actually include jewelly designing from the begining.  After finishing off with her deegree, she joined the family business -which has a tradition with jewellery creation- where she got the idea of taking it a bit further and creating her own brand. Her minimal designs suit possibly every style and outfit from day to night, due to the variety of metals used (which are the main elements). We particularly liked the signature piece from her latest collection; the two piece earings which can change style depending on the design and the way you decide to connect the parts. What's  more in the future: more designs, more natural elements, more minimal jewellery to love. Find out more HERE

Aliki started creating jewellery since she was young, though further studies on the topic made her realise that she wanted to establish her brand -which possibly was always there but it just wasn't official-. Her inspiration comes from everything including art, books or just everyday life. The key to each collection is the element of the "found object", which is basically items from our daily life alternated in order to change the way we perceive them. And that's what her future collections will be all about; even more experimenting with the meaning of jewellery creating, the idea of what could be wearable or beautiful. Find out more HERE

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