Types of Hair buns to try

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I have to be honest with you people; when it comes to hair care and styling I simply can't. I am watching videos or editorials of how to do hair buns or ponytails but when it comes to make them on me, things are getting difficult. So the only thing that I am doing with my hair is just straight and let them down! Yes, very innovating. But when it comes to hair buns things are so easy. Probably is the most convenient and quickly thing to do with your hair. For this post, you don't have to be an expert to read and to copy the looks. So, follow us to the most fashionable hair buns of the season!

I will start with the simpler bun and it is the classic ballerina bun. We saw it in many fashion shows as DVF, Prada, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli. The thing that you have to do is to use your fingers to pull back hair into a low bun for a sightly un-done effect for your daily-routine outfit,or to create a wet-look ballerina bun combined with a dressy outfit. 

Now, I will continue with the hair trend of this season, and I am talking about Topknots. We saw them a lot at red carpets appearances and shows. They seem to be very difficult to make one of those buns but with a little more try, you can create a beautiful hair look. Also, if you follow the Master of the Topknots Jessica Hart or Rita Ora, you will see that is probably the most easy to make thing in the hair world. 

Double twisted bun. For more elegant situations and evening walks this kind of bun is the ideal. If you are not able to make a simple bun, I suggest you to go to your hairdresser for the perfect result. Again, those kind of buns were in several fashion shows as Stella McCartney or Rick Owens.

A reason not to worry is if our bun is low. I have to say that the lower the better. Channel and Ralph Lauren buns where in the height of your neck so for a more casual but always fancy bun prefer the ballerina in a more lower edition. Also, for your daily hairstyle routine you can create a messy situation with the rest of your hair!

In the end, if you find that your hairstyle is just a boring bun, put some metallic jewelry or pearls as Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel did at their fashion shows. In that way you will create a more dramatic hairstyle for your evening outfit. 

Thanks for reading!

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