How to style: Leopard Print

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Well in this "How to style" post we will talk about probably the most controversial and tricky subject at fashion history and one of the all time-classic prints. Of course I am refering to leopard pint. Every season at fashion shows, covers of magazines, street style photography and blogs we see totally printed outfits or leopard printed details. So, it is something that at least once in your life you might want to wear, but what we should all know are the DOs and DON'Ts since we want the result to be feminine and classy. Τhe only thing that you have to do, is continue reading and comment bellow! 

1. The Leopard Coat  
I will separate this category from the others because the coat is the most tricky part. We all want to have this amazing, fluffy, cozy leopard coat but when it comes to wearing it, it can convert your outfit into a cheap and trashy result. So, when we buy a coat like this we must be careful with the color of the coat, the quality of the material and the print being vivid enough. Be careful on the exessive black and brown dots! 

Beside those, we can combine our leopard coat with everything. Avoid creating total leopard outfits because, unless you're doing a photoshoot for British Vogue with Mario Testino, and always remember that less is more! Skinny jeans, leather skirts and pants are ideal. Do not forget that your outfit should have a balance and do not overdo it with the prints. 

2. The leopard skirt
When it comes to the leopard skirts, the best choice is to combine them is with a white or a black shirt so you can keep a balance. If you want to create an "extreme" outfit combine it  with a blouse or a top in neon colors. Additionally you can wear your classic black jacket, or even a black leather jacket.

3. Leopard Dress
When you decide to wear a leopard dress you should be very careful when it comes to your shoes and makeup. Prefer nude or brown colors so you can balance your outfit out. If you want to go over the top combine your dress with a leopard printed coat. Otherwise go for your black jacket or coat. Also, you can add a black leather belt to draw all the attention to your waist. 

4. Leopard Shoes. 
Leopard shoes tend to be a good option for adding a high-end fashion touch to your nigh-outs outfits. To recreate such an outfit, combine them with a dress in a nude, black or white color. Dare to wear your neon colored cocktail dress like Lupita. On the other hand if you prefer to create an alternative or street style outfit with your add a pair of printed sneakers or loafers, combined with a pair of jeans, a top and a cardigan. 

5. Leopard Bags.
Clutches, totes, oversized it-bags; all you need to do is choose a printed one so you can add a twist to your outfit. Toned them down with safer outfit combination and create amazing all-day outfits.

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