MFW S/S '15: Day 3

3:01 AM

As days pass we're getting closer to the end of "Fashion Week month" and even though we're really sad we're still here to keep you updated about everything that's taking place on the runway!

So let's talk about Milan!

Blumarine & Sportmax
Blumarine was all about embossed florals this season. The colourful designs were so fresh and youthfull but in no way childish. This collection was really classy and feminine and even the transparent pieces were presented in a way that it wasn't about the naked-ness but the prints and the tailoring. Sportmax' collection was really wearable and incedibly high end (a seriously amazing combination). The pieces looked casual in a really interesting, nicely-put-together way. Even though minimal, this collection had a few prints to show us which always had a twist (like the checkered ones with the leather details). I'm not quite sure if it brought us closer to summer, but it was certainly one of our favourite collections to watch.


Marco de Vincenzo & Etro

Marco de Vincenzo was all about different fabrics this season. He stayed focused on variations of checkered prints and the 3D illusion created by the lights hitting his materials. The bright colours mixed with a few darker ones created a perfect canvas for the fabrics to achieve their goals. Etro's collection had once again that boho-hippie vibe to it. Veronica Etro seemed to follow the 70's trend that's all around Milan Fashion Week this season, but she did it her own way. It was all about unique, handmade pieces, which -to be honest- we can already see being worn on festivals all around the world.


Giamba & Missoni

Giamba is Giambatista Valli's new line which made its debut this season on Milan. Even though it had the girly, romantic vibes from the classic Valli collections, what made it differ were the embellishments followed by a youthfull spirit. It was a really refreshing collection to watch. Missoni's show was all about summer mood setting florals; The loose lines paired with the pastels and the bright colours complemented perfectly the mixed materials which varied from silk to nylon tulle.

Tod's & Iceberg

There was a lot of leather walking down the runway on Tod's show this season. And since it's one of our favourrite materials it instantly made us love this collection. Despite the absence of summery mood, the leather attires with the laser cut floral prints were so nicely worked that we're pretty sure they're going to set a trend for the season. The sharp lines mixed with the florals were a nice alternative to what we've been seing the past days on the runways. Iceberg's collection had Californian vibes written all over it. The vibrant colors, the slightly sportswear designs and the innovative prints completed this show which -to us- was Californian with an undone french prepiness.


Versace & Les Copains

Donatella's collection for next season will probably bevome one of her signature ones for the next years; that's only because it had it all; bright colors, mixed prints, total shimmers and a modern stitching technique that we loved. It was loud  yet classy and sealed with the signature Medussa logo of Versace house. Les Copains, always experimenting with innovative knitwear, delivered a ready-to-be-worn collection at its finest. Stefania Bandiera mixed pale nudes with darker hues on materials which varied from laser cut leather to tulle, creating one one of the most wearable collections of this fashion week.


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