5 Things for Winter

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Even if you don't want to admit it, you have to. I know that most of you are the kind of people who always like living with summer mood. I am with you, but how can you get into the cold winter without the proper clothes? This time of the year, people leave the beautiful islands where they spent their vacation and return to their base. If you go out for shopping you will see that the winter clothes are already everywhere! I don't know if that is happening to any other countries but here in Greece they're around since July. Yes, in the middle of summer we were looking for coats and jumpers. So, here we are, always ready to prepare you for winter by letting you know what are the 5 basic pieces that you have to have in closet for this winter.

The Coat. 
Recently I made a post about "How to style" your maxi coat -which is also a fall trend -( How to style: Maxi Coat ). That is the reason I am not going to analyse -again- why we love this trend for fall. Generally, a coat is something basic for your closet. This season, except from the maxi coat, a midi one would be perfect too. If the maxi coat doesn't fit your style, invest in something a bit shorter this year. The color is on you, but because we are talking about coats and it's a piece that you will have for years, prefer colors such as grey, black, blue or even something printed (leopard). Also, if you want something else for this season, a cape is also a safe choice!

The Boots
This year is heavenly for boots. Always in fashion, they're a safe investement for those who want to put some extra money and buy something expensive. This year the high-knee boots or the knee-boots are the masters of the kind. Many fashion houses prefer this kind of boots to match them with their mindi coats. (Everything matches perfect).

The Jumper
It is winter and you need your comfy, cozy sweater. This year choose  jumpers made with this traditional Scots knitting technique. Add a leather belt in the waist for definition!

The Animal Print Effect
We will say it every year. Animal print is the ideal print for every season. So why you can wear your awesome fluffy leopard coat or your high heels? Dare to wear animal printed clothes head-to-toe and it is guaranteed that you'll win the style race.

The Scarf
Let Burberry outfits inspire you. Awesome silk, cotton, wool, cashmere should be into your closet this season. Burberry's Bloomsbury-inspired scarfs were draped around the neck and then wrapped with a sliver a belt!

COMMENT below what are your favourite trends this winter?

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