Trends of 2013 You Should Still Try

9:33 PM

2014 is here and with the new year come many new trends. During 2013 many interesting statements were made on the runways. Classic, more comfortable, with a contemporary design and certainly more approachable for every woman; that's our description of the most infamous collections of 2013.

When it comes to makeup the cue was probably less is more. Fresh faced models with the beautiful no-makeup-makeup look and just with a hint of colour and sparkle were probably ....everywhere....

So here's the things we believe you can certainly keep in your wardrobe and boudoir from 2013 (Because style is not just about the trends it's about YOUR preferences and desires):

COATS (preferably oversized)
Donna Karan
Proenza Schouler

Coats will always be in fashion. They are timeless and classy and they can upgrade a look so much! Only this past year they were oversized, quite 90's -if you ask us- but with a hint of better tayloring and design. If you stayed in the neutral palette there's no reason to spare a perfectly nice coat!


Victoria Beckham
Capes made such a comeback this year. Certainly, a really classy cape -like the ones we saw at the Victoria Beckham fashion show- will always be in fashion.



Ralph Lauren


Skirts are simply never out of fashion. Just this year they were everywhere, especially the ones that were  just a few inches below the knee. What we loved this year were the exeptional and various designs and colours as well as the magnificent textures.


Bottega Venetta

Nina Ricci

The hourglass shaped clothes were one of our absolutely favourite trends this year! Beautifully shaped designs tailored in a way to make every woman's curves stand out. In my personal opinion this is quite of a revolution, mostly because it shows a quite different style than the ones we were used to from the past years due to the respect that shows in the womanly figure.



An important idea that we were left with this year is that fashion isn't just about the trends. To us it's more of a form of art because through it you can express yourself and your feelings. 

The motto is be unique, be creative, be bold. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle and everything will work out.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Vera Wang

Prabal Gurung
Derek Lam

From the makeup departement I think we should only keep the signature looks of this season. Certainly the cat-eye and the red/wine hued lips were some of them. But what made a difference were the pale, fresh-faced models with the flawless no-makeup-makeup look; An amazing everyday look which you can certainly maintain especially if you are in your 20's. The key is a good skincare routine and a bit of a light coverage dewy foundation (or a bb cream). 

Don't forget to be unique! xx

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