2014 Be Good With Me

9:53 PM

New Years Eve is heeere. We know that many of you are ready to celebrate 2014 but we'd like to steal some of your time in order to read this post. Well for many of you 2013 might not have been as good as you expected but for others was just awesome. We're not so sure where we're included in those categories but I'm quite sure that this year was a mix of all these. We had bad times and good times. But let's just press the delete button on our brains and let's forget all the bad moments. What's left of course are the good ones. Remember when you had your last family meal, remember the last time when you laughed so much that you cried. Remember when you succeeded your goals, probably when you went to university or when you learned that you are a chief manager. Ha! I know that everyone can and want to remember the good times of this year. But, don't stay only on those things. You can remember the last time when you had something that you really wanted, or the last time when you fell in love with the guy or the girl that sits next to you? If he or she doesn't then their loss. Whatever you did this year or you wanted to do and you didn't, remember that you still have 365 more days to complete it. Because 2014 is here.  
For us this year, as I said before, was a little bit of all. This year we started our blog. That's something to remember. We learned many many things that we couldn't imagine. We developed not only the blog but ourselves. We became the fashion bloggers of our school and that's something big for us. Everyday we can see your support by reading our posts and that was a bet for us. Because as you may know this year is our final year in high school and since we don't have college in Greece that means that it's about time we write our final exams to pass to the university. So this year is so stressfull for us and writing posts for the blog was something that we can forget all the problems by doing it simply because we have the ability to focus on something that we love. 
For 2014 I want all the people to be happy, to fall in love, to find what they really want in their liffe, to be healthy and all this sad cloud to disappear. So stop having this mood, put your perfect smile, dress up, take people that you love and go out, celebrate, fall in love, dance till your legs are hurting, eat till you cannot breath and in the end do everything that makes you happy.

From Theodora & Nefeli for a beautiful year. Happy 2014
The best things are about to come.....

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