What I bought today...

6:38 PM

Today, I went to the drugstore and I bought some new cosmetics-beauty products. (Thank God my dad was there too :D). The first one that I bought was the Seventeen ideal cover liquid concealer number 05. I wanted for so long a new concealer. It's like a pencil and I hope it will be good because i want it for my vacation! The next product that I bought was form Seventeen again and  it's the Matte Lipstick number 05. It's not totaly nude. It has little of brown, pink, orange maybe. ( I can't describe quite well colors, as you can see.). The next lipstick that I purchased was the Sephora Rouge named "Jealous". I loveee it. It's an orange-coral-pink color and it's the perfect for the summer. Next, was a mascara. It's the Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximun Volume Mascara. I bought it once to a friend and she was crazy about it. So, i grabbed the opportunity and I bought it too. Last, but not least I saw a super-awesome product on the internet and it was the Lipglass by Mac. I was so interested about it that I went to a Mac store and I bought it. I don't know the results yet but I think that it's going to be awesome. Those were the products that I bought today. 

Write your opinion about them and let us some new products that we can buy. Thank you!!!

Seventeen Ideal Cover Liquid Concealer.
Price 16$

 Sephora lipstick "Jealous"
Price: 5$-12$

Estee Lauder Mascara
Price 24$

Lipglass by Mac
Price 15$

 Seventeen Matte Lipstick 
Price 13.21 $
(it's not that dark)

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