Summer Tracklist...

11:17 PM

One of the most important thing for us is our iPod tracklist especially for now during summer! Now that we will leave for our summer vacation we have to refresh our tracklist with new songs, albums, we have to delete the old ones and that we don't want to listen anymore!

Here are my favourite for this month! Not only new releases and old lovely songs... Let us know your favourite track for summer or album. Write your comments bellow or on our facebook page

Let's start with....

The 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake new album!I am in love with Justin Timberlake... I know every song, i have seen every concert (i love the concert in New York City) i am a fan.... Some days ago a new video clip came out the Tunnel Vision. Of course only people over 18 can see this video but we still continue love the song. So Tunnel Vision is the first of my summer tracklist!

Next song is Treasure of Bruno Mars and the album Unorthodox Jukebox. O.K Bruno Mars this album is amazing! I am in love with every track on this album. I just can't wait for the clips of Natalie or Gorilla...This will be very intresting...Again few days ago i saw the futuristic video clip of Treasure...

I am still singing "I need to know noooow, know now will you love me again?" and i don't have nice voice (that's the worst of all). Love, love, love this song! It's like a dynamite on your head! John Newman and love me again....nice work!

We continue our list with MACKLEMOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Amazing-amazing-amazing video clip, song, style, hair, voice, beat! Can't hold us the new track of Macklmore! He brought a change on the music industry and people love it!

Daft Punk and Get Lucky! No comments, especially for the awesome remix of Nicolas Jaar...

Something more romantic now. Passenger and let her go... Beautiful song and lyrics!

Old but never stop listening.. Nicolas Jaar and Mi Mujer... At Sonars and Berlin Festival ;)

Ben Pearce remix, now here come the beat part, C O O L and Le Youth! I am telling you, you HAVE TO listen to this song! It's the summer beat!

A list without Kolombo is not a list! I will post Get so hot but listen all the remix and the songs of him! Excellent job!

And last but not least....One day baby will be ooooooooold, oh baby.... Wankelmut with love!

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