Madame Shou Shou

4:31 PM

It's the Greek madness on clothes industry... Madame Shou Shou and Elina Kordali made a must on summer with their bikinis! Everyone wants to have those amazing bikinis with the romantic mood and the style of a different era... !With what can I start the lace, the colors or the big knot that completes a perfect and stylish bikini for your vintage vacations... For sure, when you see them, you'll want to buy them all! 

Expept from swimwear Madame Shou Shou has clothes. The style is always romantic, vintage and with some bohemian mood. The latest collection was just amazing! I fell in love with the "Korali" dress and with "Astakos". What's sure is that this is just the beginning. What's up next we don't know it for sure but we are hoping that it will be awesome! Winter is coming so probably the new collection is on it's the way. 

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Since you see them, you fall in love with them... <3

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