Top 5 of the Mascara

4:24 PM

I think that the best and the most important in a beautiful make up is the eyes. I prefer and i like to see woman with black, seperate and thick eyelashes. I think that the eyes is the most powefull part of our body and the most beautiful. What if you have the best lipstic for your lips? if the eyes don't look great the hole makeup doesn't look very well. So, after a research I did I will expose my results to you. I hope that you will agree with me. Write your comments, your suggestion or your own favorite mascara on our facebook Our Facebook Page .
Let's star our countdown. The order is random.

First, and one of my favourite is the: Benefit, They're real mascara.
Ok! What should i say about this mascara. It makes your eyelashes extra black, it keeps them seperated without this little burles. The brush is in the perfect shape and the most important is that you can pass and the shortest of your eyelashes.

The next one is the Dior, Diorshow Marcara. 

I have tried this one and i LOVED it. This mascara is veeery good. Every fashion magazine, editorial and fashion blogger is suggesting this mascara and they say that is one of the best. I cannot disagree with them at all.

Next we have:  Nars, Larger than life volumizing mascara. I haven't tried yet because we don't have yet Nars products in Greece.

Maybelline illegal length mascara. I have tried all maybellines mascaras and i am very satisfied with them.  

And last but not least i have Lancome Hypnose Volume. I bought this last week and i am very happy. I think is a very good mascara and maybe from Lancome.  

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