Top 5 Best Dressed Brides

12:15 PM

I am not gonna tell again about Kathy Middleton. I said, we said, everyone said about her a lot of this about her wedding dress. Let's see other brides that they might be better that Kate Middleton. According to the list of Vanity Fair this are the most best dressed brides of the year. I don't agree with all of them but some are awesome.

So let's start with Keira Knightley. She was simple, romantics and lovely. She was the princess and sometimes the simple is better. She recreate the dress of the Oscar night. She wore and a classic sugar color Chanel jacket and black RayBan and she was the perfect bride. 


Our list contiues with Caroline Trentini. When i saw with bride i was like.... Oh, was must to be kidding me. She was soooooo beautiful i just love her.  Here we can say with the dress was like Middleton so... 

Next one... Jessica Biel.. I love Justin Timberlake and i love too Jesicca. The hole idea of the wedding was awesome and do romantic. The dress was the pale pink, different but we loved it!


Simple and elegant. I don't have nothing to say about it. I love it, it's something different and i dont have words to say...
 Amanda Sheppard 

At last but not least i have Anne Hathaway. I'am not crazy about it. It's a big, fluffy wedding dress. I'am not sure about this turban but it's ok. 

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  1. I absolutely love Keira Knightley's dress but unfortunately I can not say the same about Jessica Biel's one!
    Why on earth that awful PINK ???

    1. I can't agree more about Keira Knightley's dress. It was romantic and elegant at the same time. The wedding of Jessica Biel was something different. It was romantic in a different way. Anyway we don't care about Biel but for Justin Timberlake <3

    2. Xaxa that's for sure! Even at their wedding day Justin stole the show!!!!