Shock for her by Calvin Klein

8:12 PM

Today i when shopping and i went to buy some new beauty products. As I was walking to leave the store they gave me a little bottle with a strange for me perfum. It was Calvin Klein Shock for her. It was a shock for me because i didn't know how does this adoooorable perfum smells. I can't describe its smell... It's full of flowers, and it's romantic, sweet, girly the perfect perfume for a tanned girl during summer vacations. When I smell it reminds something like a field full of purple flowers or a beach with a deep blue sea. Definetely it's going to be the perfume of the summer. I suggest you should try this perfume and I think you're going to love it as much as I did. 

It costs the 50ml: 22.50 Pounds, 33.40$ and 25.73E 
You can find it at all the beauty and pefrume shops. 

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