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The fact that NYFW is over can mean a number of things. The one that matters the most right now, though, is that London Fashion Week has begun! The past has proven that the Brits know their fashion and that they have a unique way of creating trends and becoming trendsetters. Since the new season awaits, we're excited to see what LFW has to offer. In case you missed the first day of LFW click the link:
We are starting Day 2 with our first designer which is Mother of Pearl. Inspiration? he 1989 film anthology “New York Stories,” a trilogy of short films by Francis Ford Coppola (young and innocent Sofia was also involved into it). So, we got over-sized sleeves and silhouettes, drop waist dresses, but also bodycon dresses and frilled boots.
We saw stripes and white and black and navy and denim and bright red. Throw some florals in to the lineup and there you go the full collection for Mother of Pearl for Sping 2017. The make-up reminds us the time we got to play with out mom's make up, not a bad thing to look back on the careless days we didn't have to worry if we got the perfect contouring or strobbing technique!

We are moving on to Edeline Lee. Just like that we are back on our dreams (for some out there reality) of going to a private all girls or mixed gendre school with beautiful uniforms. Or all the time we have spent playing tennis or watching Wimbledon and were jealous of the tennis athletes and their uniforms. Edeline Lee had us covered for that matter don't you worry!
As a canvas we used cream white which she managed to decorate it with colourful vibrant stripes. From tennis dresses, to coordinated outfits and classic athletic socks, we got the pop of colour. Repumped trench coats had the colours on the lining. Apart from the white cream, some more energyful pastel where thrown into the mix together with classic black white and monochrome outfits. We just want to wear this tennis inspired outfits and sit for a coffee in the Spring 2017 sun.

Flares, flares, gingham and more flared gingham in red, lilac and sunset yellow can be said for the next show. That's none other than House of Holland. Floral slipdresses, drop waited ones as well and skirts filled with tulle. The brand managed to pinpoint the gypsy style into a fashion sense.
Off-the-shoulder dress from white guipure lace embroidered with red poppies and dark floral, strutted down the runway. In order to keep it up-to-date hoop rings were paired with the outfits as well as tracksuits and fishnet tank tops. The show marked the 10th year anniversary of the brand, which celebrated with a batch of the signature slogan T-shirts that launched him in 2006. One had the words on it : “I’m Yours for a Tenner, Kendall Jenner.”

The next designer is loved by The Royal Family of U.K as well, which is a huge honor by itself. Katherine Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton, have worn repeatedly creations of the designer and you know everything Kate wears becomes an immediate sold out piece. We are talking of course about Emilia Wickstead and her show for Spring 2017.
True to her romantic self she managed to spice things up with a more youthful air in her collection with florals (but of course it's spring) and pastels with a diaphanous touch. Inspiration the retro decor of the Brazilian hotels where couples could unfold their love away from the prying eyes. Stronger colours were also present on the runway along with deep jewels tones.

Next up is J.W. Anderson, who for one more time packed his show with all kind of fashion people like Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo and his family as well into narrow benches with a narrow runway where you could actually feel the garments that walked the runway. With the references from the English history and the Tudor phase and borrowing the same sleeves for his show.
The designer himself stated before the show "I wanted something a bit more grounded, a bit more fluid. A bit solar. Something calm, and I just wanted something that was a bit girly again.”. That's one way to describe the collection. Flutted skirt shapes and skirts with a Tudor reference too walked down the runway and kept Jonathan Anderson the beacon of fashion experimentation he had became.

Simone Rocha was one of the close to the last shows of Day 2 of LFW. She managed to fill in a stage with full of grace where models were dressed in fresh takes of wedding and baptismal gowns. Sounds interesting huh? Can you imagine the colour that dominated the most on the runway? Yeap I think you guessed it right, it was white. But don't get fooled! It's not the only thing that the designer had up her sleeve. 
Cream mixed with floral, a suprisingly grey tartan and also dark florals print were in view.The designer worked miles and miles of sheer silk organza and tulle to create her dresses and maybe had the wildest variation and mixs of prints we have seen so far. Have you ever seen tartan/gingham mixed with floral? Well now you see it, it's Simone Rocha after all. We would all like to have a baptism gown like that.

Last show of the day was the Versus Versace show. With Donatella on the lead after the departure of Anthony Vaccarello for Sain Laurent creative director, there are no plans of replacing him. Versace stated that she is having fun with her team and she likes them because they don't know any limits of stopping. Something that showed on the runway with all the grunge and dark vibe with the leather for spring. We got used to the idea and we love it a lot that a good leather jacket has replaced some more airy jackets for the spring and summer months. We are adopting more coolly than we thought. We also saw another big trend of our time which is athleisure as the brand itseld, Versus Versace, sports a more sporty and punky edge. The actual designs were tested on staff members, and if they weren't comfortable, they were tossed and onto the next idea. We liked a lot the utility of this and we can't hep but wish to be able to wear of those pieces at some point.

From all the runways we hit the streets of London to attend the parties and store openings that are happening during Fashion Week. And speaking of store openings, Red Valentino had just deputed their store in London and celebrated together with all the fashion people pictured below:

Apart from the parties and store openings we had the sitting front row. From models like Jourdan Dunn and Gigi Hadid with beau Zayn Malik, also Alexa Chung and Jessica Hart along with actresses as Diana Argon and Rosie Leslie sitting front row from House of Holland show to Versus Versace. Enjoy their impeccable style:

House of Holland show

Emilia Wickstead show

Versus Versace show

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Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!

Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor

Sources: Vogue.co.uk, wwd.com 

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