Autumn/Winter Trends

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Yeah, it is that time of the year that you have to read a post about the autumn/winter trends. I know you are not in the mood yet but you want to go for shopping and the stores have already take out the autumnal pieces of clothing so you have to get in the mood. August is leaving us and the antidote to all these, trust me is shopping. So let’s take a look to what we have to keep from our closet and what we have to buy and refresh it. Continue reading and enjoy the first wintery post of our blog. Please, comment bellow if you us want to write another post about beauty and hair trends for the winter. 

The past couple of years sportswear became our favorite thing. And why to let this trend out of the competition? More fashion designers chose this year to entry a different way of sportswear. On one hand we had the edgy look with oversized jackets and on the other hand we had the slim fits of cropped jackets and loose pants that remind us a little bit of the 80's workout movies. The colors are in your mood and option but try the bright ones like red, green and blue! And never forget, you don't have to be athletic to buy sportswear!


Sheepskin is a trend that came to our lives, maybe 2 years ago and designers seem to love it and guess what, we love it too. Those amazing sheepskin cardigans or the maxi coats that can be easily combined with anything, is probably the best memory of out latest winter adventures. This year, keep your cozy coats and expand your sheepskin closet section, with jumpers and why not shoes!

Things are getting more serious and military looks are probably the highlight trend of this season! The reasons why we love this trends are, firstly because of the color and secondly because of the strict lines of the clothes. If you ever watch documentaries of the 40's or the 60's, those amazing oversized coats are now in fashion and we are amazed about it. With this style, you can create outfits that are ideal for your workplace. But don't overdo it with the military style. You have to keep the balance between the pieces of your outfit. Prefer coats and combine them with skirts up to the knee or jeans for more loose outfits.

SequinsAnd this trend is about sparkle and glamour! Sequins are a trend that we probably love to hate. It reminds us a generation that for sure we are not used to and it brings back an old time classic glamour. Total sequin dresses or amazing tops with many prints and sequins for details are what you will definitely need for this winter. I can understand that this trend, might not be so easy to wear it everyday, but for special occasions, is the perfect one. Bring the old Hollywood glam of the 80's back, without fair!

Well, this trend is my childhood nightmare because my mum used to dress me with velvet dresses or shirts and I wasn’t a big fan back at the time. Again we saw velvet trend, few seasons ago, but the designers seems to love it, since the decided to establish the 60’s. Mini dresses combined why not with velvet socks, total maxi dresses and oversized coats are some samples of what we saw at the catwalks. 


From the time of the YSL revolution until now, suits, were, are and they will always be in fashion because they can show a woman classy, sexy and elegant at the same time. I cannot think of any woman wearing a suits and not feel like that. Monochrome, with strips, velvet (you see 2 in 1), or total suede and in colors like blue, black, white and grey are some of the samples that we saw this season. In case you are interested in purchasing a new suit, the lines and the forms are up to you. If you want, a slim fit or oversized, the fashion trends and the designers are with you!

Biker Jackets

Are they ever gonna stay out of fashion? I don't think so! Bicker jackets are here and they gonna stay for a long time. The reason is not only because they give a more edgy and rock sense at our outfits, is because you can combine it with everything. This season, we see biker jackets, even more slimmer and cropped, that give us the perfect 80's feeling. In case you are not a big fan of those fits, your classic loose biker jackets, is just ok for your daily outfits.

Thank you for reading

Written by Nef Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor

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