5 hairstyles for summer

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  Probably our nightmare during the summer period. Don't ask yourself why. If you are heading to islands, humid is probably your number one enemy, among other things like wind or the total dry air. I can feel your pain because by leaving in Greece I feel all those weather conditions at least one time on my vacation and I cannot think anything worse than those. If you have found the ideal place that your hair are perfect any time of the day please comment it bellow and I will move there for ever. For us that we are not in this place yet, but we want to look on our vacation effortless chic without doing anything special, because we are honest with ourselves; we are totally bored to iron our hair, especially when the heat reach the top, we created a top 5 of our favorite-easy-summer-hairstyles. So, let's find them out...

Low hair bun

We saw this trend a lot at the latest catwalks and it is probably easiest than the classic hair bun and for sure something different and interesting at the same time. For this occasion you will probably need long hair but not so long, but for this hairstyle we will disappoint the girls with a short cut. Probably the only thing you need a an elastic bun and you are done. Plus, you don't have to iron your hair, the more wavy you look the better!

Messy Hair Bun

We don't have to introduce you the classic messy hair bun. Lot of tutorials are online not only from bloggers and from vloggers as wells. It seems something easy but some people do not manage to achieve it as messier as it looks. So, you will definitely need some practice before you nailed it. Again, the reason why we love those kind of hairstyles are because we don't need to iron our hair before we achieve them (Have I said that before?)!
Twin braids

This hair trend hit the catwalks and our lives the past winter and we saw that the Instagram world is kinda obsessed with it and why not? From celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Kayle Jenner till your bff this hairstyle fits to everyone that wants to try it. No matter your your hair length this hairstyle is the best and the most "in fashion trend" of the season. 


Let's talk about something more classic. I mean, I do the ponytail hairstyle since I remember myself and I love it because; Firstly is the easiest thing to do and secondly you can style it however you want. This season we see a more "airy" style of ponytail which help us with your vacation hairstyles. The more loose your ponytail is the better for your look. Until this look we haven't use our iron machine and this is something that we love and the most important!

Half Up Bun

Another big hair trend of the season; Half up bun and it is probably ideal for our summer night out stories. If you are bored of the classic bun or the classic ponytail and you want to try something new but the same time in fashion and the most important easy, the half-up-bun is here for you. For our girls with short hair, this hairstyle is perfect because it looks so classy on them and it suits them 100%. Perfect combination to achieve this look: Beach waves and your half-up-bun and you are ready to rock. For this occasion you might need your curl machine to achieve the perfect beach waves but you can also use products that can do the same thing.

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Written by Nef Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor
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