Recreating The Perfect 70's Look

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A massive nostalgia wave ran through the catwalks straight to the stores. The 70's are back and as we can see and from the cruise collections this era is here to stay. And of course ,ur feelings are mixed up because every time a new trend pops up we want to keep the best bits of it. The reason this decade is such a big thing in fashion is because it influenced a lot of people, especially through visual and performance arts. Figures like Audrey Hepburn, Farrah Fawcett, Jane Birkin, Ali MacGraw, David Bowie and many more, became the symbols of this decade not only because of their career but their style as well. So let's dive in this decade and let's find out the best ways to get inspired by its fashion sense.

The Flirty Dress

As you know 70's are full of colors, prints and craziness. The airy, mini, flirty dress is back for good. We saw the new form of it in the latest collection of Saint Laurent. This kind of dress is perfect for your evening/late night drinks but if you're not a huge fan of mixed prints and you want to keep it simple choose just a flirty monochromantic dress but monochrome which can also work as an all day ensemble. Back then Ali MacGraw presented the best way to wear it; Simple, girly and sexy at the same time.

The Bohemian White Dress

 This white dress is all about comfort and elegance. Who knew that boho style can be so convenient for us? If you choose this kind of outfit you should pay attention to detail. If you want to wear it in the morning just keep it simple. Wear a light denim jacket above and a pair of espadrilles or sandals. On the other hand, if you are going to wear it during the evening go for some gold statement jewels in order to create a contrast. You can copy the look of Bianca Jagger to be as elegant as her. 

The Mini Shift Dress

How much classiness can an outfit stand? Well when we're talking about the mini shift dress,we're thinking a lot. Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Jane Birkin lead the way on how to style the mini shirt dress. Classic and unaltered through the years, this kind of dress is here to save us. Colorful vs monochrome, printed or not, it is always a safe option for morning 'till night outfits. 

The Peasant Blouse

For some reason all this years I wasn't a huge fan of this kind of blouses. Actually I hated them, but when I saw the amazing outfits that you can create, I fell in love. From Michelle Phillips to Alexa Chung the peasant blouses with beautiful lace or colorful details can transform your daily outfit in just a second. These prints combined with something denim, maybe skirts or a pair of jeans can transform any outfit to perfection.

The Round Sunglasses

Because fashion is not only clothes, let's take about accessories and especially sunglasses. I believe that sunglasses is a must have for every woman not only because of the beauty that the glasses can provide us but also for the sun protection. Because, fashion comes and goes very quickly is important to have some key pieces in our closet. Round sunglasses are one of those pieces. 

You can see an analytic post about another 70's trend the Denim Flares on How to style Flares. Also, our favorite lace-up sandals are included at our post about 5 Things for spring, so take a look there as well to get ideas and tips about how to wear them. (5 Things For Spring)

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