Met Gala Beauty Lookbook

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This year's Met Gala theme gave a chance for all the stars to shine. All of the red carpet appearances were extroardinary as all of them -surprisingly- followed the theme of the event. The makeup looks were a whole other story as they varied; from the simple highlighted fresh fashes to the heavier eye&lip combinations. Even though we saw a few celebrities following the guidelines for a classic chinese formal beauty look, most of them just bared what they thought suited their personal styles the most. 

Let's take a closer look though:

Fresh face was the key; Most celebrities amped up their high points while other's decided to focus on the shadows. Either way, we can say for sure that both highlighting and contouring were winners this evening.

The eyes were the main focus for many celebrity makeup artists as they chose to create -mostly- metallic smokey eyes. The colours of choice were among the grey-ish blue and the warm brown tones with very few burgundy hues here and there. Other's kept it simple focusing on the lining rather that the shadows.

Lastly when it came to lips we can definetely say that there were 2 types of people: the peachy toned gloss ones, and the red/burgurdy lipstick ones.

What was your favourite look ftom this year's Met Gala? What did you thinlk of the theme?

Let us know what you think:

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