LFW S/S'15: DAY 1

10:02 PM

Fashion Weeks are again on and this year we could define all the trends for Spring/Summer 2015 from the begining. Join us to our journey where we'll be discovering all the things that need to be checked out during the upcoming weeks. 

So, let's start with the first day of our favorite London Fashion Week!

J.JS Lee & Bora Aksu
Chic, minimal and modernist tailoring were the main feautures of JS Lee for Spring-Summer 2015. Simple lines, beautiful prints and nice bags, pleated skirts, minimal shirts, mixed fabrics,prints and striped dresses were presented this morning from Lee. On the other hand Bora Aksu presented clothes with beautiful details. Crop jackets with highwaisted skirts, white or nude dresses with mixed fabrics, see-through and overisized capes. 

Daks & Jean Piere Braganza
Purple, white, grey those were the colors that Daks suggested for this spring. This collection had almost everything. Feather pants and jackets, metallic fabrics, see-through details, crop tops, capri pants and all the kids of dresses and skirts. Contrary Jean Piere's collection showed the tough side of spring. All the clothes had the tones of black, blueblack, red and grey. Οversized printed cadriganes, leather sweaters and jackets, mini skirts, coats and amazing highknee boots!

Fyodor Golan & Felder Felder
The futuristic girl was presented by Fyodor Golan. In a pink carpet (like MJ) Fyodor showed their creations. Total metallic outfits like jumpsuits, skirts and shirts. Plastic pleated skirts combined with cashmere cadriganes. Feathers and furs were also in the show! But let's come back to Earth with the Felder Felder collection. Everything was highwaisted from the dresses till the skirts. Crop tops combined with leather jackets with feathers, leather mini's or made by wool dresses. 

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