LFW S/S '15: Day 3 (Part 2)

6:19 PM

Fashion Weeks are again on and this year we could define all the trends for Spring/Summer 2015 from the begining. Join us to our journey where we'll be discovering all the things that need to be checked out during the upcoming weeks. 

So, let's continue with the rest of our favorite London Fashion Week!
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Vivienne Westwood Red Label & Paul Smith
Vivienne Westwood has already a crazy way to present her collections. This year we saw interesting crop jackets, jumpsuits, printed or striped high-waisted skirts, airy dresses and crop tops. Paul Smith's collection played with the boyish style. Oversized blouses, jackets and bags, total striped outfits, metallic or see-through details, belted shirts and pants!

Mary Katrantzou & David Koma
With this collection I became a groupy of Mary Katrantzou. I will start with the dresses and the skirts. Excellent see-though or lace details and romantics gold or silver prints. Awesome crop tops combined with mini skirts. The pants and the shirts stayed at the same mood of the dresses and the skirts. On the other hand David Koma prefered simplity with some metallic, leather and see-through details. Crop tops, shorts, jackets in white or yellow collors. Amazing dresses with mixed blue colors or black with yellow details.

Jonathan Saunders & Pringle of Scotland
Jonathan in this collection played with the oversized effect, the silhouettes, the colors and the prints. At the beggining we saw maxi oversized coats combined with jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Metallic skirts mixed with knit oversized sweaters. Also leather, sparkle, fur and strips were also parts of his collection. On the other hand Pringle of Scotaland collection was veeery minimal and sporty. A big part of the outfits were in white apart from some purple and blue. Crop tops, jackets, sweaters, metallic and see-through details, mini skirts and dresses.

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