LFW S/S '15: Day 2 (Part 2)

5:57 PM

Fashion Weeks are again on and this year we could define all the trends for Spring/Summer 2015 from the begining. Join us to our journey where we'll be discovering all the things that need to be checked out during the upcoming weeks. 

So, let's continue with the rest of our favorite London Fashion Week!
Check out Part 1 HERE

J.W. Aderson & 1205
J.W Anderson's collection had a nautical inspiration behind it. The abstract lines with the leather details brought a new contemporary air to the theme of this show. We loved the brilliant mini suits from the towel-like material and the iconic leather hats with the modern twist. 1205 collection  showed us a really updated version of the androgyne style. Honestly, we got the cool girl vibes just by watching this collection; The loose lines and the white and blue-black colors just made everything more relaxed and streetstyle ready.

Nasir Mazhar & House of Holland
Nazir Mazhar's collection was an odd one. With his over-the-top sportwear and his U.F.O. makeup (at least that's how I saw it) he created a post-modern collection which was properly peculiar and a bit familiar (as it reminded us a bit of Moschino or even Alexander Wang). Henry Holland's collection for House of Holland was all about colorful graphic florals. Even though the prints weren't as much to our liking we appreciated the inspiration and the exceptional performance of the pieces on the runway.

KTZ & Marchesa

KTZ was a weird mixture of sportwear details and victorian designs. The black and white hues certainly helped this collection look more chic and up-to-date but the prints and the hats made us wonder a bit about the integrity of KTZ's inspiration and designs. Marchesa's show was something quite different. The dreamy collection was like it was taken straight out of a fairytale. We love the beautifule flowers and the tule dresses which were the grown up version of princess-y. This show was amazing; a perfect celebration for the 10 years of Marchesa.

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